A Free
Market Environment

Lendoit is a complete free market environment that contains all the elements that a credit business needs to function. Borrowers and lenders will find a loan marketplace complemented by a default marketplace, sustained by a global network of underwriters and scorers that let all market principants engage in business in legally steady way


Using the Smart Loan Contract, both borrowers and lenders can eliminate the need of any 3rd party in order to deal with each-other. They can simply interact through their wallets using the platform as the monitoring intermediary.

and Secure

By using a system of Smart Contracts along with a combination of elements from the traditional lending world, Lendoit users can benefit from a seamless trusted and secure lending process.

and Anonymous

As result the lenders can remain completely anonymous and does not need to register anywhere, all they need to do is simply select their preferred loan from the marketplace and initiate it straight from their wallets.



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