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Lendoit is a decentralized P2P lending platform, connecting borrowers and lenders from all over the world in a trusted, fast and easy way, using the advantages of smart contracts and blockchain technologies.

No Intermediates

Using the Smart Loan Contract, both borrowers and lenders can eliminate the need of any 3rd party in order to deal with each-other. They can simply interact through their wallets using the platform as the monitoring intermediary.

Trusted and Secure

By using a system of Smart Contracts along with a combination of elements from the traditional lending world, Lendoit users can benefit from a seamless trusted and secure lending process.

Decentralized and Anonymous

As result the lenders can remain completely anonymous and does not need to register anywhere, all they need to do is simply select their preferred loan from the marketplace and initiate it straight from their wallets.


Experienced and innovative - our strong team shares over a 100 years of experience in the Fin-tech industry. Backed by highly talented development division we are all ready to take our vision in full force in order to change the lending industry and begin the revolution of personal funding on the blockchain.

Ori Erez

Co-Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur and believer in decentralized economy. Comes from the Algo-Trading and Portfolio Managment fields in great companies like and Tradency.

Vlad Amirov

Co-Founder & CTO

Guru in technologies and Blockchain expert, brings 20 years of experience in leading development teams. Established 5 successful platforms from scratch in global companies like Easy Markets and

Yoav Pinkas

Co-Founder & COO

Recognized expert in databases with over 30 years of experience in solution development, Database administration and Data Architecture in great companies such as Retalix, Aladdin, 888, and Easy Markets.

Avi Ben David

Co-Founder & President

Entrepreneur, a leading financial advisory for public and private companies . More than 27 years of professional experience in the financial markets.

Shahar Peter

Marketing & Community Manager

Federico Hoyer

Community Manager

Vadim Voznesenski

R&D Manager

Vladimir Mozzhechkov

Senior project manager

Olga Karpova

Senior Designer

Vitaly Lukanin

Guru in back-end development

Igor Fedorov

Senior full-stack developer

Maxim Nagibin

UI/UX Expert

Andrey Golikov

Full-stack developer

Alexander Sapronov

Senior mobile and server side developer

Igor Yankovsky

Senior mobile and server side developer

Dmitry Entin

Guru in IT infrastructure

Alexander Schukin

Senior QA and QA automation specialist

Andrey Dmitriev

Senior system architect

Maxim Kovtun

Full-stack developer


Assistance of highly professionals.

Jure Soklic

CO-Founder and CEO / Hive project. Jure is an executive and consultant with extensive experience in the international financial industry. He is an expert in eCommerce, digital marketing, omnichannel, retail, business development and start-ups, and has strong track record in the field of finance, consumer durables and marketplaces. A true believer in a decentralized economy.

Ram Avissar

Certified Adv, advising startups companies from incorporation through financing rounds and M&A. formerly High-Tech assurance service CPA at EY. Involved in the Crypto space since 2013 as a private investor and as a fan of the technology and the field. For the past year Ram was involved in well known projects as CoinDash and Matchpool, building their communities and marketing structures from scratch while guiding them through launching their own tokens.

Gilad Ben-Ami

Gilad Ben Ami, brings to the table an extensive experience in tax planning with special expertise in international tax planning, and in consulting on tax matters in multi-national transactions. Additionally, Gilad Ben Ami has an extensive experience in representing clients in front of the tax authorities in disputes regarding tax matters, representing and consulting to clients on M&A transactions on large scales including investment funds, multi-national corporations, start-up companies, employees incentive plans and various tax matters.

2017 (Q4)

Token Generation Event

2018 (Q1)

Publish the Beta Version on the Testnet

2018 (Q2)

Integrating with Score, Verification and Collection Providers

2018 (Q3)

Release the First Production Version

2018 (Q4)

Create Partnerships with Completing Partners


Develop New Types of Loan


Help from professionals in their field.

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